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Container gardens are becoming increasingly popular in today’s times.
Containers add drama, color and fun to a landscape of any size, allowing all individuals the opportunity to have their own personal garden. These portable gardens allow for experimentation with different plant combinations year after year. Edible plants, perennials, flowers and foliage can be combined in a menagerie to grab your attention as a focal point in outdoor living spaces.

What is a container?
Any structure that has drainage, can hold growing media and support plant roots can be used for a container planting. Containers must be closely monitored for water needs. Since they are watered frequently, container plantings also require regular fertilizing to look their best. Containers in the garden should also reflect all four seasons if they are outside all year.
The Mossy Tree LLC prides itself on creative container and flower bed designs and installation. Our annuals are locally grown and sourced. We also offer routine container maintenance to keep your containers looking their brightest and best. Most containers can be augmented or changed out with colorful Fall and Winter arrangement materials.



Key Benefits of this Service

  Containers are an element of flexibility, color and fun in outdoor living spaces.
  Container gardens allow unique design and personalization that changes with the seasons.
  Containers ease fears of losing gardens when downsizing homes.
  Containers can be moved to cover bare spots or areas that are hard to plant into in a landscape.

We are committed members of the Green Industry. We have a wealth of experience and have completed rigorous testing. Our staff regularly embraces and participates in continuing education to stay abreast of changing issues in the landscape.
We pride ourselves on our knowledge base, work ethic and friendliness. We consistently bring fresh, environmentally friendly perspectives to our designs and maintenance.
We are committed to aligning our customer’s needs, goals and desires with our creativity, intuition and knowledge to create beautiful, healthy landscapes.