Northern Michigan Garden Maintenance, Renovation & Design
6829 Herkner Road Traverse City, MI 49685

Well maintained green spaces connect people with nature and others around them.
We understand the investment of money and time that is involved in beautiful landscapes. Our team prides itself in honoring the design of your landscape. We deliver knowledge and fresh perspectives to protect your investment and simplify your life.
The Mossy Tree, LLC is proud to offer spring and fall garden clean up, fertilization and soil amendment, mulching, pruning, weeding and perennial care. Our knowledge of soil chemistry and Northern Michigan plant life insure that fertilization, pruning and perennial division are done at the right time of year. Visits can be scheduled seasonally, monthly, biweekly or weekly based on the needs and goals of the customer.

We believe that healthy soil is the basis for all of our maintenance work.
When soil is healthy it is a smorgasbord of plant ready nutrients. Plants just select what they need. Our sandy Northern Michigan soils need organic matter to act as an important energy source for bacteria, fungi and earthworms living in them. Bringing beneficial soil microbes to life improves soil aeration, water infiltration, and soil structure. This creates a better environment for roots leading to bigger, greener healthier plant. Healthy soil allows less use of chemicals which in turn protects pollinators and our precious waterways in Northern Michigan.




Key Benefits of this Service

 Protect the investment and add value to your home or place of business, thereby extending your home into a beautiful outdoor living space.

  Fertilization that is pet-friendly, increases vigor in plantings and protects our beautiful lakes as well as the surrounding watershed.

Cleaner air and water, protection from insect pests and the diseases they transmit.
  Pruning at the proper time of year to restore vigor based on the needs of individual plant species will create structure and keep plant growth contained.
  Weeds will be removed to keep beds looking tidy and to keep weed seeds from spreading into the landscape.
Perennial plants will be fertilized, deadheaded and divided with special attention being given to the customer’s desires and requirement of each plant species.

 A well maintained landscape reduces stress and increases overall health and well-being.

We are committed members of the Green Industry. We have a wealth of experience and have completed rigorous testing. Our staff regularly embraces and participates in continuing education to stay abreast of changing issues in the landscape.
We pride ourselves on our knowledge base, work ethic and friendliness. We consistently bring fresh, environmentally friendly perspectives to our designs and maintenance.
We are committed to aligning our customer’s needs, goals and desires with our creativity, intuition and knowledge to create beautiful, healthy landscapes.