Northern Michigan Garden Maintenance, Renovation & Design
6829 Herkner Road Traverse City, MI 49685

A great landscape design provides the blueprint for layout and construction of the garden space.

We believe that the relationship a designer has with a customer has a very strong influence on the design. We review all aspects of your property, including architecture of the home and location of existing trees, shrubs and other plantings.

Customer needs, desires and goals for the space are the next step in creating the design. 

The final step is choosing the right plant for the right place. This is based on soil type, topography, light conditions, water needs, and intended use of the space. From new designs to areas in need of restoration, our team will create the landscape you are dreaming of.



Key Benefits of this Service

  Extending your home into an updated, beautiful outdoor living space
  What you cultivate or grow either inside or out reflects your personality and healthy lifestyle you are choosing to live
  Updating an existing garden can be increasingly beneficial to our environment by adding native plants
  Make an impact on our planet by adding plants that will enhance and sustain life for our pollinator species
Using the right plants in right places lessens negative impacts on our environment by decreasing water and pesticide use.

We are committed members of the Green Industry. We have a wealth of experience and have completed rigorous testing. Our staff regularly embraces and participates in continuing education to stay abreast of changing issues in the landscape.
We pride ourselves on our knowledge base, work ethic and friendliness. We consistently bring fresh, environmentally friendly perspectives to our designs and maintenance.
We are committed to aligning our customer’s needs, goals and desires with our creativity, intuition and knowledge to create beautiful, healthy landscapes.