Northern Michigan Garden Maintenance, Renovation & Design
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Plant Michigan Green provides a resource that helps keep Michigan beautiful & environmentally healthy. Michigan gardeners can get ideas and inspiration for new projects, find answers to their gardening questions or consult experts to solve complex problems.
Neptunes Harvest logo When heat or drought begin to  stress plantings, fish emulsion from Neptune’s Harvest is our first course of action to combat stress and increase vigor.
Espoma logo Click here to learn why  Hollytone is our preferred choice for organic fertilization of gardens in Northern Michigan.
MSU Smart Gardening logo Great tips on lawn and gardens can be found here.  The best part of the site is the Ask an Expert box for submission of images and questions.
Red Worm Logo A very thorough source of information on all aspects of vermicomposting and a great place to purchase healthy red worms for your home compost systems.
NW MI Invasive Species logo This site offers a wealth of information, including information on the Go Beyond Beauty Program that we belong to.
Go Figure logo This is a handy resource for calculating quantities of various garden materials.  Math for gardeners!
SUPERthrive Logo Just a few drops of this amazing liquid work wonders at transplant time and with regular watering. Superthrive is another great tool to combat plant stress of any kind.