Pink Pancakes, Beet the Winter Blues

Pink Pancakespink

1 15 oz tub cottage cheese (or ricotta)

4-5 beets, boiled

1 apple, grated

2 teaspoons cinnamon

1 teaspoon vanilla

Pancake Mix (2-3 cups, depends on consistency)

Wash & trim stems off beets.  Put in pan to boil, add water to cover 3/4, cover with a lid and boil until tender.  Let liquid & beets cool.

pink2While waiting for beets to cool, grate 1 apple. Add apple and cottage cheese to blender, add beets and beet juice.  Blend until a smooth pink puree.

Mix dry ingredients, pancake mix & cinnamon.  (If pancake mix calls for eggs, add eggs at this point).  Stir in pink puree and vanilla until well blended.  Add water, or pancake mix to adjust consistency.

Cook on griddle at 300* to 350*, adjusting accordingly.pink4

Serve with coconut oil, powdered sugar, yogurt, fruit, etc

Let us know your favorite toppings and enjoy!pinkpancakes