Northern Michigan Garden Maintenance, Renovation & Design
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Plants are the foundation of our environment.
Our goal is to think environmentally and plant responsibly as we create healthy garden compositions. Plants are chosen considering their adaptability to site conditions such as soil pH and moisture level, ability to withstand wind and temperature extremes, and availability of light. Other factors to consider are aesthetics, invasiveness, plant size and behavior at maturity, and the input of maintenance the plant will require

We labor in an ever-changing soil/ plant environment with a host of interactive insects, fungi, bacteria viruses and more. When soil is healthy it is a smorgasbord of plant ready nutrients. Plants just select what they need. Bringing beneficial soil microbes to life improves soil aeration, water infiltration, and soil structure. This creates a better environment for roots leading to bigger, greener healthier plants. We utilize organic fertilizers and amendments as sparingly as possible to promote growth of a healthy interactive, soil environment. Mulches are often used to reduce evaporation of moisture, insulate soils from extremes of hot and cold, inhibit weed growth and create an attractive appearance.

A good Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program includes monitoring, forecasting and determining pest population levels followed by choosing an appropriate management strategy. The Mossy Tree, LLC uses good cultural practices, biological controls, pest resistant plant varieties and when necessary, the safe and efficient use of pesticides. We place high emphasis on pest control strategies that protect pollinator populations.



Key Benefits of this Service

  Healthy landscapes deliver incredible benefits to families, their communities and to the environment
  Pollinator-friendly landscapes have a positive impact on the planet
  The more alive the soil is, the better it is for growing plants
  Thoughtful gardening cares for your landscape in a way that is best for you, your plants and the environment.

We are committed members of the Green Industry. We have a wealth of experience and have completed rigorous testing. Our staff regularly embraces and participates in continuing education to stay abreast of changing issues in the landscape.
We pride ourselves on our knowledge base, work ethic and friendliness. We consistently bring fresh, environmentally friendly perspectives to our designs and maintenance.
We are committed to aligning our customer’s needs, goals and desires with our creativity, intuition and knowledge to create beautiful, healthy landscapes.